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Tilers Trade Outlet stocks MAPEI. From major construction projects across the globe to the family home, the Mapei  range of high performance flooring and tiling products brings world class technology to any job. If you are not sure about the right product for your job, talk to our expert staff.

Eco Prim Grip

Multi purpose bonding primer to improve  adhesives when used for tiles and stone


2 component fast setting cementitious adhesive for ceramic tiles and stone

Isolastic 50

Isolastic 50 is a latex to be used with Kerabond to meet c2 requirements


Latex additive to impart elasticity to cement based adhesives such as Kerabond

Kerabond Plus

Easy to towel cementitious adhesive. Low slump, high initial grab. Superior bonding

Keracolor SF

Super fine white cementitious mortart for use when grouting tiling joints up to 4mm

Keraflex Maxi S1

High performance, deformable
adhesive with extended open time  no vertical slip for large ceramic tiles.


polyurethane adhesives
for ceramic tiles and stone

Kerapoxy Cleaner

Kerapoxy Cleaner is used to remove traces of epoxy grout such as Kerapoxy from ceramic and glass mosaic coatings.

Keraquick S1

High-performance deformable, fast setting cementitious adhesive with no vertical slip.
Use for ceramic tiles and stone

Mapecem Pronto

Pre-blended ready-to-use.
Quick-setting and drying (24 hours). Controlled-shrinkage mortar for screeds

Mapeguard 2

Flexible thin, lightweight, load-bearing, fabric-reinforced “peel-and-stick” crack-isolation membrane. 

Mapegum WPS

Quick drying liquid waterproofing membrane. May be used on plasterboard, gypsum, lightweight cement block and marine-plywood 

Mapelastic Smart

Two-component, high-flexibility
mortar for waterproofing balconies, terraces, bathrooms and swimming pools. Apply by trowel or roller

Mapeprim SP

Synthetic-resin-based primer which ensures perfect bonding with smoothing and levelling compounds and cementitious mortars 

Novoplan 21

Fast hardening self-levelling
smoothing compound. Used for levelling and smoothing new or existing substrates up to 5mm such as slabs or screed

Adesilex P4

High performance
rapid-setting, full contact,
cementitious adhesive  with smoothing for ceramic tile and stone

Adesilex P9

High performance cementitious adhesive with no vertical slip
and extended open time for ceramic tiles and stone materials

Ultrabond P990 1K

One-component solvent free, elastic polyurethane adhesive (low VOC), for pre-finished, multi-layered and traditional jointed solid wood

Ultracolor Plus

High-performance, non irritating quick-setting and drying polymer-modified mortar. Water & mould resistant for grouting joints 2 to 20 mm


Multipurpose latex additive for mortar and cementitious adhesive. For the preparation of high performance mortar, screeds and renders.


Bitumen waterproofing emulsion for
general purpose use. Particularly waterproofing foundations and bearing walls.

Primer G

Synthetic resin-based water-dispersion primer to improve the adhesion of smoothing compounds on cementitious  and gypsum-based surfaces

Tixobond White

White super smooth, deformable adhesive. Extended open time, no vertical slip for installation of  tiles on walls and floors

UC Leveller

Fast hardening levelling
smoothing compound for
thicknesses from 3 mm
to 70 mm: especially
recommended for pumping


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