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Tilers Trade Outlet stocks ARDEX  range of high performance flooring and tiling products matching the right product with the right installation method to minimise time, cost and risk.

Ardex Grout Booster

 For flexible water repellent joints. Recommended for use over substrates subject to movement – timber floors,  Perfect for high traffic areas. Use on swimming pools and reducing florescence.  Helps prevent chalky grout

Ardex D2

Superior non slump capability holds large non porous tiles without slump. Excellent smooth consistency, easy to trowel, low odour. Unique D2 formulation  approved for use in wet areas without compromising adhesion 

Ardex FG8 Grout

Excellent workability, easy to apply and clean off. Strong uniform colour, reduces efflorescence Smooth finish, flush joints reduces trapped dirt.  Mould resistant & water repellent – improves hygiene and appearance Grout to 8mm wide

Ardex FS-DD

Water repellent due to special hydrophobing agent.Dirt Resistant – Longer lasting new look, as dirt is unable to enter grout.
Contains ARDEX Grout Shield to combat mould growth.For use in joints up to 4mm wide 

Ardex EG15

Easy Clean High Performance Epoxy Grout. Use where strict hygiene standards, high chemical and physical resistance are  required. Exceptionally easy clean off, Solvent free, environmentally friendly.For joints 1.5mm to 15mm

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Unique adhesive with fast setting properties – grout after 2.5 – 3 hours
Creamy texture and easy to trowel Reduces efflorescence risk with rapid cure for external applications. Suitable for wall and floor tiling For internal & external use

Ardex X18

Non Slump – Fibre reinforced for extra strength and peace of mind
Excellent workability with low sand content Flexible – achieves S1 classification (S2 with ARDEX E90) Ideal  for large format and heavy tiles on floors and walls

Ardex X52

Rubber modified Tile Adhesive. High yield, Fast drying – grout after 6 to 8 hours. Suitable for use over green screed.
Suitable for a range of tile types  for wall and floor tiling
For internal and external use

Ardex Multiprime

Water based primer. Improves adhesion to various substrates. Water based so no solvent hazard. For internal and external walls & floors. Quick drying – apply other products sooner.

Ardex WPM155 - Rapid

Tile in 4 hours! Modified polyurethane acrylic waterproof membrane. Excellent adhesion with ARDEX tile adhesives. 
Environmentally friendly – solvent free, suitable for confined areas

Ardex WPM 157

One part moisture cured polyurethane membrane. Excellent chemical resistance Can be applied as a single coat finish Ideal for planter box internals and retaining walls

Ardex Hydropoxy WPM 300

Water resistant, prevents rising damp, efflorescence and withstands hydrostatic pressure. Excellent adhesion to damp surfaces and freshly laid green concrete Safe to use in potable water 


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