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Tilers Trade Outlet now stocks Damtec acoustic underlay.

Reliable insulation under all floor finishes.

Damtec® Standard is the low-cost universal acoustic underlay product which is ideal for use as an Impact flooring isolation treatment under any tile or stone. This is a direct stick application in both wet and dry areas. Damtec® Standard MUST be bonded to the concrete substrate using a suitable adhesive. Damtec® Standard provides outstanding impact sound deadening qualities in residential and commercial floors – within your own four walls and those of the neighbours as well. Damtec® Standard, ensures a pleasant work or residential environment whilst only slightly adding to overall floor height.

Tilers Trade Outlet - Damtech acoustic underlay
tilers trade outlet - Damtech acoustic undelay on floor
tilers trade outlet - damtech acoustic underlay with tiles
tilers trade outlet - damtech underlay preparation

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